1-Gallon XL Vegetable Fermenting Kit (includes glass jar)

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1 ClearView AirLock

1 XL Brine ‘Catch’ Cup

1 XL Fermenting Lid

2 XL Fermenting Gaskets   ***SEE NOTE BELOW***

1 XL Storage Lid

Recipe and Instruction Book

1-Gallon Glass jar


Our only kit that includes a jar, this Kit provides 1 Perfect Pickler® XL Vegetable Fermenting Kit System for do-it-yourself vegetable fermenting in a large  1 Gallon jar. (110m opening)  The perfect solution for those who want to ferment large quantities of vegetables at a time., or for the commercial kitchen!  

Foolproof fermenting every time. Jar top kit fits onto a large 1 Gallon jar to create fresh, raw, affordable fermented (pickled) vegetables (enzymes, probiotics and more..). NO cultures, NO cooking.  Just add filtered or spring water, vegetables and sea salt (salt not included)  Our ClearView AirLock (PROOF OF AIRTIGHT SEAL) and gasket create an airtight seal to prevent unwanted microorganisms from spoiling the recipe and our Brine 'Catch' Cup prevents leaking.  Includes recipes and instructions. Domestic and imported parts.  XL Jar Kit fits 1 gallon jar, which is included.    Additiional 1-gallon jars  (110mm -opening) available at https://www.uline.com/


We've found that the XL Kit lids seal better if you use two gaskets at one time, since the lids are wider.   Please use both gaskets when assembling the kit. 

You may need to "lightly" stretch the gaskets if they tend to fall out.    Do not over stretch them as they could break.


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    One gallon vegetable fermenting kit

    Posted by Pamela Boone Slagter on 30th Jan 2022

    I bought my first Perfect Pickler probably 10 years ago. I was devastated when the jar broke - I had to get another. I love the one gallon size - I make pickles - one batch will last me a long time!

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    Gallon Perfect Pickler

    Posted by Lynda C on 7th Jul 2020

    I tried this Gallon Pickler it made the BEST Sauerkraut in 4 days. Tonight we are going to have one of our favorite meals with Kraut. Kielbasa, Kraut and fried potatoes... It worked the best. Following the instructions for Sauerkraut we washed and shredded the Cabbage (Green) and I put it in a very large porcelain pan I have and my Husband massaged the cabbage with Pink Mineral salt till the juices ran, placed it into the gallon jar tamping it down every now and then with a Kraut Crusher from the same company and did that to the shoulder of the jar placed several leaves saved when I cleaned the cabbage. I also used several chunks of Core also saved from the cleaning process to hold up the cup so it wouldn't topple over and to keep the little metal liquid cup from filling with juice. I didn't need to make extra brine because my husbands crushing produced plenty. In fact between the gallon jar and another half gallon jar we ended up with enough cabbage and juice to fill both to the shoulders of the jars and the fermenter systems attached and sat on my counter. in a couple of days the liquid in the tube started to seep out but all the time retained a constant seal NO OXYGEN ever entered the jars. As stated by the company in the recipe book in 4 days we had Sauerkraut exactly the way my husband and I love it. My daughter would like to try some and I will try to get her to make some herself. I will gift her a jar and tools to make her own. Her family loves Sauerkraut. So Its in the fridge and we will be enjoying a lot of it from now on.

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    great replacement when the origianl breaks

    Posted by jc on 14th Mar 2016

    Had dropped the large jar filled with sour kraut and the original lid that came with the fermenter chipped. This lid was a perfect replacement and the price was very good. I don't feel quite so guilty about breaking the lid now that I know I can easily be replaced. It's well made and keeps the contents sealed.