Pickled Eggs From Scratch

pickled-eggs.jpgPickled Eggs- 2 Qts/1.9 L

Let’s make some healthy bar fare. Find pickled jalapeños in the ethnic food section. Also available — hard cooked, shelled eggs are now available at many supermarkets.  I found Eggland's Best at Publix and Trader Joe's. — Recipe adapted, original by Stan Woods






*large eggs, 18hard cooked, peeled

onions, 2 cups, chopped

pickled jalapeños,+ bottled, 12 oz (.35 L) including brine 

raw cider vinegar, 16 oz (.47 L), or any cider vinegar

sea salt, 4 tsp, coarse, or 3-1/2 tsp ground

sugar, 4 TBS (optional, but is part of original recipe)

1 Make the brine by combining vinegar, salt, sugar, and brine from the jarred jalapeños. Do not cook—use as a raw brine.

2 Add a layer of eggs, a third of the onion, and jalapeños. Repeat until jar is filled.

3 Add the brine and go to Page 8 of the instruction cookbooklet or view video to complete. 

4 IMPORTANT! Place the Perfect Pickler® immediately in refrigerator. In about 5 to 6 days, you are ready to enjoy. 

Just like coloring eggs, you can color pickled eggs. Add one small peeled and diced beet to produce a pink egg with a yellow yolk. Or add a 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder to the brine to produce bright yellow pickled eggs.pink-pickled-eggs.jpg


+If you are an artisan pickler, you might have your own recipe of brine pickled jalapeno peppers on hand. Or make them from our recipe on P. 23 of the instruction booklet.                          


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