What are Brine Pickles?


Ferment Small-Batch Pickled Vegetables with the Perfect Pickler® Kit and Your Jar  



A jar of handmade, countertop pickles; who would think there was such a mighty food right under our noses? And yet you will find no better source of core nutrition than this humble, old-fashioned treat. 

"Pickles, you say? Don't you mean dill pickles? "

Let's describe what these type pickles are not—hot vinegar and salt brined, hot water bath and canned. These fresh pickles are made with cucumbers sometimes or just about any vegetable and use only salt and water. Vinegar might be added for flavor. You know them more familiarly as: 

Dill Pickles




Fresh Brine Pickles


Mention the word “pickle” in conversation: it makes us laugh.

Who's the pickle-in-the-middle?

I'm really in a pickle now!

         Boy, did I get pickled last night!

 What’s the source of all this merriment? Once you learn the secrets of these heavenly borne foods you, too, will laugh with joy. Pickles tickle the soul! img002.jpg

Actually, these type of pickles are a fermented food where the micro-culture that does the fermenting is not destroyed by heating, unlike the kind you find on store shelves. They carry their own natural preservatives and are preserved fresh in the refrigerator.

They can also be called:

Brine pickles

Lacto-fermented pickles

Lactic acid pickles

Cultured pickles

Raw-cultured vegetables

Live-cultured vegetables

natural brined vegetables

Probiotic vegetables

Here are the simple steps to brine pickling.

 Cut up fresh vegetables

 Add a low-salt and water mixture to our kit

Seal your jar with our self-pressurizing system

 Brine Pickling begins spontaneously

 About four days later, classic pickles!

There is no need to add a culture starter like when making yogurt. The culture already lives in a state of mutualism on the vegetables. Like the movie Field of Dreams—build a baseball diamond and the players will come—just add vegetables, salt and water to the Perfect Pickler® and the pickles will come; they always do. Here’s how.

Make Pickles - You are Known for the Culture You Keep?

bacteria.gifBeneficial bacteria, through the action of a low-salt brine fermentation, transform vegetables into a distinctly different class of food. Pickles are no longer raw, although they contain more nutritive essence than in their raw state. Pickles are not cooked, yet they’ve become tender and more digestible, like cooked food.

The warmest these type pickles ever get is by the heat of the sun in garden and field.

Pickles are then transformed into a third state of food; not raw, not cooked. These beneficial cultures, billions and billions in fresh pickles, bathe the human digestive tract, which contains trillions and trillions of the very same culture.

As our elders came to know, but rarely expressed, “you are known for the culture you keep.” Moreover, the longest lived elders learned to add pickled foods to their meal. This wisdom has now been scientifically validated, pickles help to break down hard-to-digest foods. Within the chew of a pickle are billions of beneficial bacteria and their armies of digestive enzymes.

If you look at the great and lasting cuisines of the world you will see this wisdom of combining pickled foods with the staples of their meal. BUT....if you look at the modern diet, these traditional pickled foods have been stripped of their culture and enzymes. We have lost our culture and we are impacting our culture. Digestion is the core to a healthy immune function.


You can not purchase the nutrients found in fresh, brine pickles for any amount of money nor get more dynamic nutrients. Yet, these nutrients are inexpensive and lie within common vegetables and sea salt. Behold the power of making your own! 

Vitamins: Brine pickling creates its own multiple vitamins and boosts vegetable based vitamins into highly absorbable forms.

Minerals: Minerals from both unrefined sea salt and within plants become ionized and made more absorbable.

Enzymes: High concentrations are created and combine with vegetable enzymes to power up digestion: they predigest the pickled food and help break down hard-to-digest foods at the meal. Enzymes power our digestion.

Microcultures:Multiply into billions of healthy bacteria to replenish our own resident cultures. They act to limit pathogenic bacteria as our very first line of immune defense. 

Modern Hobby Pickling Makes a Countertop Cultural Revolution

jalap.jpg   In a parallel universe right under our noses lies the      workings of earliest life. The ancient technique of  pickling is now brought to the realm of modern hobby-  pickling. Microflora, one of the oldest life forms on  Earth, have traveled beautifully and continue to culture  today’s vegetables into a core renewal food. These  mighty microbes go about their work just as they have  always done. They are the alpha food, the “mother  seed”, and repair or strengthen that which has been  weakened by our past nutritional imbalances. When  you ail, go back to the beginning. Bathe your digestion  daily in culture active foods like fresh pickles, where  your own microbial garden within will absorb and reset  your path towards evolving health. With the Perfect  Pickler you can now become active in your own  kitchen. Just like yogurt makers, juicer extractors, you  can add pickle-making to your countertop.

View our 2-minute video on how the Perfect Pickler works