Fermentation Recipe Booklet

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This compact and handy recipe booklet already comes with our Master and Value Package kits but is perfect for its stand alone instruction and recipes for the home chef. 

This booklet walks you through the process start to finish and includes:

  1. The Benefits of Brining
  2. Safeguards
  3. Using A Brine
  4. Making Kraut And Slaw
  5. Pickling Basics
  6. Salt And Veggie Resources
  7. Brine Lagering Temperatures
  8. Where To Ferment
  9. Where To Store
  10. FAQs

Also includes 19 recipes to keep handy in your kitchen when making your next batch!

If you're looking to begin the tradition of making your own fementated vegetables at home and thus your own healthy probiotics, this compact recipe book is a must have and won't take up a bunch of space in your kitchen. You can put together your recipes with confidence and feed you family a healthy food that you won't feel guilty about afterwards!