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Makes 2 Quarts

This is the national dish of Korea. We toned down the spiciness; yet it yields a lively version. "The library of a kimchi museum in Seoul holds more than 2,000 books about kimchi and thousands more dissertations. The U.S. magazine Health listed kimchi in its March issue as one of the world's five most healthful foods."

This is a wet version of kimchi. It is much faster and easy to prepare. After initial fermentation, you can adjust for more spiciness by adding extra chili flakes or even hot sauce. - Adapted by B. Hettig

Chinese cabbage [Napa] 1 LB. (1 small) 1 inch squares
daikon radish 1/2 lb thin, half moon slices
ginger, fresh 2 TBS. finely minced
garlic, fresh 1-1/2 TBS minced
scallions 3 or 4 thin, slanted slices
Korean chile flakes (gochugaru) 2-3 TBS or 1/2 tsp. cayenne (to taste)
sugar 1 tsp



[optional to add a tsp or more of fish sauce]

1 Prep the five vegetables and place in a large bowl; mix well.

2 Toss ingredients well with the chile 

3 Pack a clean 2-quart jar with the mixture, tamping as you go.

4 Go to the instruction booklet and prepare the brine as seen on page 8. Add sugar and fish sauce if using.

5 Pour in the brine mixture and complete the recipe as described on page 8.

*Korean Chile Flakes (gochugaru) can be found in Asian markets. For medium hot, use 2 TBS. For hot use 3TBS. or more to taste. It is milder than cayenne.