Posted by Bill Hettig on 5th Nov 2015

Merry Citrus Pickle


Turn this simple recipe into a holiday rave. We use veggie cutters from our accessories page and turn common vegetables into ornaments. This recipe is based on a popular Middle Eastern pickle called “Lift” [LIF-it]. Lemony, clean, simple, quick.... The original recipe uses turnips, which has an aggressive bite for my palate. I prefer daikon (icicle radishes). For a sweeter choice use jicama root. For color and contrast pick up some carrots, chayote squash (green), and one beet. Find daikon at Asian markets and larger supermarkets. You don’t need to use our veggie cutters, have fun cutting them into squares, triangles—any variety of shapes.

Prep Time: 15 mins
Jar Size: 1 quart/.9L


  • ½ lb. daikon radish, peeled, 1/4-inch rounds
  • ½ lb. carrots, peeled, 1/4-inch rounds
  • 1 beet, small (opt.), produces fuchsia colored pickles
  • 1 lemon, reserve rind, then squeeze to yield 3 TBS. juice
  • Brine: 2 cups spring water + 1 TBS. Celtic Sea Salt® or other premium brand
  • 2 TBS. cider vinegar

Fermentation Instructions for Merry Citrus Pickle

  1. Peel daikon and carrots and slice the lower 2/3 of each into thin rounds. Use veggie cutters to create stars, hearts, or flowers. Fit the daikon and carrot pieces into each other like a jigsaw puzzle!
  2. Take the remaining daikon and carrot and stand up on fat end and slice down into 1/4-inch thick planks. Fashion these planks into rectangles, squares, and triangles.
  3. Peel the beet and slice into 1/4-inch thick slices. Cut out 4 or 5 shapes and insert into carrot or daikon rounds (or add to bottom of jar).
  4. Slice lemon into quarters and if using veggie cutters, cut shapes from the rind. These will fit into the veggie cutouts. Then squeeze the lemon juice.VeggieCuttersCarrots-Daikon.jpg
  5. Lay a clean one quart jar on its side and load until nearly full, then stand up and complete filling to about 2 inches from jar lip.
  6. Make brine by dissolving salt in water (TIP: pour room temperature water & salt into another jar, secure lid and shake vigorously). Add lemon juice to brine.
  7. Pour brine over vegetables; gently wiggle jar to release all air bubbles. Continue filling until approximately ½ inch below the lip of the jar.
  8. Press brine overflow cup into jar until just level with jar rim. (TIP: you may want to do this with jar in your sink as some brine should spill over).
  9. Allow cup to float and clean off veggie/seasoning debris from jar rim to ensure good seal.
  10. Twist on Perfect Pickler® lid until just hand snug.
  11. Pour tap water into airlock to the max line and gently twist into lid.
  12. Place in cool location (68-74 degrees) and wait patiently for 4 days!
  13. After 4 days of fermentation, add 2 TBS. of cider vinegar.