ClearView Airlock (proof of seal!)

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Unlike other airlocks or fermenting systems, our ClearView AirLock provides a quick and easy way to verify that you've got the necessary airtight seal for the fermentation process.  As the fermentation process progresses, escaping carbon dioxide gas (produced by the beneficial bacteria) will push the water in the airlock to mostly one side of the airlock.   This is expected and a visual confirmation that fermentation is progressing!  

* Did you know? The cap is optional in brine pickling, (it's needed in wine and beer applications). Personally, we choose not to use it.


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    best pickler ever!!

    Posted by Sheri Padilla on 3rd Jun 2020

    I have enjoyed the perfect pickler for many many years,,,, it always makes the crunchiest , best fermented veggies , and so easy,,,, love all the recipes too!