Posted by Bill Hettig on 18th Feb 2014

Preserved Lemons

I make preserved lemons in the Perfect Pickler®. I still have them a year later to add to stews and salad dressings.Pint sized recipe will last for months.The basics are very simple: • sourc …

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Posted by Bill Hettig on 12th Jan 2011

What is a Brine Pickle?

Brine pickles are more than "Dill Pickles." Did you know they can include so many different styles with many different ingredients?Our grandparents' heads would spin seeing the variety of pickles …

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26th Nov 2010

Measure your Pickle's Pucker Power

Test tape reads acidity in an instant — Looking through the Pickling Pal Mailbag I came across a note from now of our students who needed to know if her first pickling attempt was successful. She …

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Posted by Bill Hettig on 26th Nov 2010

Salt Matters

Salt of the Earth Essay by Bill Hettig There are two substances that comprise the core of life on this planet. All life arises and is sustained by them. Without either there would be no life o …

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