Posted by Bill Hettig on 11th Jan 2011

What is a Brine Pickle?

Brine pickles are more than "Dill Pickles."

Did you know they can include so many different styles with many different ingredients?


Our grandparents' heads would spin seeing the variety of pickles you can make with the Perfect PIckler. And you get to watch the transformation; they sit on your countertop and ferment over a few days. Into the fridge and you're ready to eat. What is especially new, you don't need to put up a whole pantry of pickles.

Make them by the quart, as you like, all year round. Try a recipe from somewhere in the world that interests you. Then travel to another culture: make Japanese sushi ginger, then Eastern European borscht, and then Italian mixed pickles.

The world is your pickle, and the Perfect Pickler is your passport...