XL Vegetable Fermenting Kit

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The XL Kit Fits Extra Large Pickle & Cracker Jars

  • 4-quart and 10-quart jars with extra wide, 120 mm lids

  • Great fit for large batch fermenting vegetables, kefir, and kombucha.

  • Will not fit onto mason or canning jars

  • Jar not included


Load and Lock with our Unique 4-Part Kit 

    •  Seals out air to induce a naturally probiotic world 

    •  Self-pressurizes to lock out airborne microbes

    •  Wild fermentation - no cultures to add

    •  Clear jar - watch the pickling action

    •  Odor-free fermenting!

    •  Pickles in 4 days - sauerkraut in 10 days 

    •  Store pickles in the same jar - no emptying needed

       +  Just remove the kit, seal and refrigerate

       +  Now your kit is ready for the next batch


Each Kit Includes:

  New DVD

    •  Spend your first, best hour in pickling with the pros 

    •  Includes special recipe videos and how-to clips

  Newsletter - The Pickling Chronicles

    •  Get the latest tested recipes and techniques 

    •  1 year - 12 issue e-subscription, $24.00 value

  Perfect Pickler® Recipe Booklet

    •  Dozens of time-tested recipes

    •  Traditional and the latest foodie marvels

    •  With guide to serving pickles in everyday meals

  Celtic Sea Salt® 

    •  1/4 pound premium, mineral-rich sea salt 

    •  For your first 2 gallons of pickles

  Web Tutorials

    •  Deep web site and booklet tutorials to guide you

    •  For beginner to expert

  Hotline Center 

    •  Same day response to your email questions

    •  Expert and timely advice: info@perfectpickler.com


NEW DVD! It's the best, first hour to start your journey. Includes additional recipe videos and how-to instruction.


For local sourcing of jars (saves shipping and handling) , please check your local Walmart store. They have a 4 quart model for under $6.00.

For a 10 quart "barrel" jar, for under $18.00 click here


Which Perfect Pickler kit do I choose?

Choose the MJK-XL model if you plan on large batches, group pickling events, restaurants. 

Or choose our MJK kit if you like smaller batches that can easily fit into a home fridge. Our standard kit fits 1/2 pt., 1 pt., 1 qt., and 2 qt. jars with 86-90 mm "wide mouth" jars. These are the canning jars common in supermarkts and department stores by Ball® and other makers.

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  • 4
    Looking forward to using it!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Aug 2013

    I cannot speak from experience - YET! - but as soon as I saw the commercial on Hacres.com and knowing that fermented foods are great for overall health, I ordered the Pickler. Can't wait to have the opportunity to use, what appears to be, a very user friendly product. If you have never used the Pickler, you could go to Hacres.com and look for the archive video . . . Better than raw - it makes all the written instructions more real.

  • 5
    What took you so long?

    Posted by Donna Hayden on 29th Dec 2012

    We are on our way to becoming self-sustaining as a family. This is another large step.