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Measure your Pickle's Pucker Power

Test tape reads acidity in an instant — Looking through the Pickling Pal Mailbag I came across a note from now of our students who needed to know if her first pickling attempt was successful. She wanted something more than the “smell it and if it doesn’t smell like it shouldn’t” wisdom to share with her [...]

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Salt Matters

Salt of the Earth Essay by Bill Hettig There are two substances that comprise the core of life on this planet. All life arises and is sustained by them. Without either there would be no life on Earth. Salt and water are the same two substances needed to ferment pickles. From the simplest to the most [...]

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Secondary Fermentation - Pickling with Ferments as the Brine

A letter from the Pickling Pal Mailbag noted that some of the recipes offered didn’t seem to produce much pickling action—no noticeable bubbles seen through the glass jar. Introducing another form of lacto-fermentation. Sometimes known as secondary fermentation or indirect fermentation, we use fermented liquids as the main brine [...]

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