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In under 15 minutes from start to finish you can create delicious, nutritious recipes your family will love. These recipes use familiar seasonings and ingredients that are readily available at a typical grocery store. The perfect choice for those of us who are short on time or need a confidence boost. Success in the fast lane!

Merry Citrus Pickle

Turn this simple recipe into a holiday rave. We use veggie cutters from our accessories page and turn common vegetables into ornaments. This recipe is based on a popular Middle Eastern pickle called “Lift” [LIF-it]. Lemony, clean, simple, quick.... The original recipe uses turnips, which has an aggressive bite for my palate. I prefer daikon [...]

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Pickle Shots: Turning Vegetable Juice into Fermented Tonics

Your Perfect Pickler® kit is taking on new duties. Turn a small fistful of veggies or bottled vegetable juice into fermented tonics. Plus, it has the same potent nutrients as a fermented pickle. It takes only minutes to create a batch of Pickle Shots: just water, salt, juice and brine left over from lacto-fermented [...]

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Kimchi Tartar Sauce

Kimchi Tartar Sauce is East-West fusion made in a wink. Use on fish, tofu, eggs, chicken, portobello mushrooms. This has become our major mayo topper for just about anything! Ingredients 1 ½ cups mayonnaise 3 scallions thinly sliced ¾ cup finely chopped kimchi ½ cup kimchi brine Instructions Blend all together

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Kimchi Relish - Sweet and Sour Spicy Condiment

Use Kimchi Relish - Sweet&Sour Spicy Condiment as a ready-made fermented relish like you would use ketchup, relish or taco topper. I watched this sweet-sour condiment made on the Kimchi Chronicles, where a simple grilled hot dog was dressed with a scant squeeze of spicy mustard and topped with this relish. Actor [...]

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Easy-Peasy Dill Pickles

No Knife Required!? In one of the most unusual requests ever, I had to reinvent a way to make dill pickles for a supermarket chain who has a special customer focus. Not any supermarket, but Consumer Reports “Best rated supermarket chain in America-2014.” I was taxed with this requirement: no cutting allowed — ingredients had to be [...]

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Salsa Base: No-Knife Needed [Video]

Let’s get down and pickle some Salsa Base: No-Knife Needed. When the tomatoes are singing on the vine, we’ll mix them with the starter for a fresh and uniquely fermented salsa. This is the definition of Easy-Peasy with pre-cut vegetables available at most supermarkets! Video demonstration at the bottom of this page. Prep Time: 15 mins [...]

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Pickled Carrot And Daikon Radish (Do Chua)

What if I buttonhole you into gathering a few common ingredients and make a simple, soul-filling pickle? Here is my latest top shelf, all-season pickle that will light up your meals in many delightful ways—any time of year. A key tool is the julienne peeler that creates uniform matchsticks of the right thickness for a [...]

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Snow White Pickles

Visions of a winter wonderland inspired this recipe. What if I gathered all white veggies to make Snow White Pickles? The results are DSM - Delicious, Scientific, Magic. Turnip adds a nice pungent tease, great for cutting rich, wintry one-pot meals. Also consider cauliflower, leeks, pearl onions, garlic, and white asparagus as partners. Plan on about [...]

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Asparagus a Cru’

A lovely French accent of shallots and tarragon. Asparagus a Cru’ is delicious served as a cold side dish with a little dab of mayonnaise or creamy salad dressing. Choose asparagus stalks with tight heads. They can be thin or thick, green or white, or a mixture. Prep Time: 15 mins Jar Size: [...]

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