Broccoli and Bean Sprouts in Green Tea Brine

Posted by Bill Hettig on 9th Apr 2015

Broccoli and Bean Sprouts in Green Tea Brine

Certain foods have been shown to have anticancer activity. This is expertly explained in the popular book, Anticancer - a New Way of Life, by David Servan-Schreiber M.D., PhD. (Viking Press). Most cruciferous plants, such as broccoli, have been tested and shown to destroy cancer at the cellular level. Fermenting vegetables is another way to release phytonutrients and boost the healing nature of your diet. Broccoli is considered a superfood due to its rich supply of phytonutrients. In particular, testing has shown anticancer benefits in one of its nutrients, sulforaphane.

Perfect Pickler® has been developing recipes to promote at-home fermenting for aiding both healthy and recovering diets for over 10 years. Harnessing the power of microbes to pre-digest food with powerful enzymes through fermentation is yet another way to help in a therapeutic diet you can make at home. Enjoy this healthy and delicious Broccoli and Bean Sprouts in Green Tea Brine with only a few ingredients. You’ll be amazed at the complexity of flavors and textures from bean sprouts and slaw. NEW! For an additional anti-cancer boost, let’s use green tea as the brine base. Green tea also contains a powerful anticancer component: catechins. Green tea adds a subtle astringent taste to the recipe. Combining fermentation with targeted superfoods is another way to make homemade health in a pickle—the Perfect Pickler® way. Let’s put these grab-n-go ingredients into a ferment for a super quick and tasty pickle!  

Prep Time: 15 mins (plus tea steeping time) Jar Size: 1 quart

Ingredients - You can mix and vary the proportions, plan on about 1 lb. total veggies for this recipe

  • 1 package broccoli slaw
  • 1 cup mixed bean sprouts (pictured) or mung bean sprouts.
  • 2 scallions, thinly sliced on the bias.
  • 1 TBS. spice blend of choice: pickling spice, Herbes de Provence, bouquet garni
  • 1 TBS. Celtic Sea Salt® or other premium brand
  • 2 cups spring water
  • 2 green tea bags


  1. Make 2 cups of green tea by steeping 2 teas bags in boiled water for about 10 minutes. Squeeze bags into tea then discard.
  2. Rinse broccoli slaw, sprouts and drain.
  3. Add scallions and spice blend then toss.
  4. Pack mixture into a clean 1 quart jar, gently tamping down as you go until 2 inches from jar lip
  5. Make brine by dissolving salt in tea (TIP: put liquid & salt in another jar, secure lid, shake well).
  6. Pour brine over vegetables; gently wiggle jar to release all air bubbles. Continue filling until approximately ½ inch below the lip of the jar.Press brine overflow cup into jar until just level with jar rim. (TIP: you may want to do this with jar in your sink as some brine should spill over).
  7. Allow cup to float as you clean off veggie/seasoning debris from jar rim to ensure good seal.
  8. Twist on Perfect Pickler® lid until just hand snug.
  9. Pour tap water into airlock to the max line and gently twist into lid.
  10. Place in cool location (68-74 degrees) and wait patiently for 4 days!

Photo above: From left; pickling spice, broccoli slaw, mixed bean sprouts (Photo by B. Hettig)

You can adjust for more spice blend after fermentation is complete by removing from jar and mixing in more and then repack.