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Our lacto-fermented recipes are: 

Probiotic Rich • Gluten Free • Vegetarian • Paleo Diet Friendly

Welcome to the adventure of fermentation! We have recipes to guide you no matter what your destination. For those of you who are new to the journey of brine pickling, choose one of our EASY-PEASY recipes. Your success will soon embolden you to try more daring FANCY-SCHMANCY taste delights. And if you have just returned from a foray at your local farmers market and need an idea of what to do with the fabulous turnips or daikon radish you just acquired, simply put your vegetable in the search bar and your road map to culinary delights will appear!


In under 15 minutes from start to finish you can create delicious, nutritious recipes your family will love. These recipes use familiar seasonings and ingredients that are readily available at a typical grocery store. The perfect choice for those of us who are short on time or need a confidence boost. Success in the fast [...]

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A little more time but a lot more adventure awaits you down this road! Recipes designed for the explorer who relishes the discovery of new flavors and cultural experiences. Some of our seasonings may be a little more exotic and take more determination to find but that is part of the journey. Take a ride [...]

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Need suggestions on how to take your fermented foods and turn them into a meal? These recipes will guide you to meals that young and old will enjoy – and they won’t even realize they are eating ”good for me”, probiotic-rich, fermented foods. Stop the bus – I want to get on!

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Condiments are a great way to add the nutritional boost of fermented foods to your meals! Their effect can be subtle (great for the 'fermentation-wary') or a flavor-packed punch that adds just the pizazz you are looking for. Many condiments are side benefits of a recipe intended for different purposes (check out Kimchi Tartar Sauce) but some [...]

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The Ken of Kimchi

Kimchi and other brine fermented vegetables balance cooked foods. They are found at the table of most long-lived societies. A bite of cooked food with a chew of pickle. Flavor + digestive enzymes + probiotics + cooked food = tasty and healthy balance... Has Cholesterol-lowering properties Helps increase appetite Reduces constipation; stimulates peristalsis Helps maintain [...]

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Merry Citrus Pickle

Turn this simple recipe into a holiday rave. We use veggie cutters from our accessories page and turn common vegetables into ornaments. This recipe is based on a popular Middle Eastern pickle called “Lift” [LIF-it]. Lemony, clean, simple, quick.... The original recipe uses turnips, which has an aggressive bite for my palate. I prefer daikon [...]

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Holiday Ruby Sauerkraut

Make a red nose Reindeer batch of sauerkraut. The warm and hot spice combo fills the mouth with holiday magic. Great to ferment in the fall and have on hand through the holidays. Ferment for 6 or more days to reach full flavor. The spices will develop rich tones over several weeks. Make now [...]

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Pickle Shots: Turning Vegetable Juice into Fermented Tonics

Your Perfect Pickler® kit is taking on new duties. Turn a small fistful of veggies or bottled vegetable juice into fermented tonics. Plus, it has the same potent nutrients as a fermented pickle. It takes only minutes to create a batch of Pickle Shots: just water, salt, juice and brine left over from lacto-fermented [...]

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Probiotic Pickled Antipasto

Turn garden fresh veggies into a quick base for pasta and garden salads. Toss our Probiotic Pickled Antipasto with dressed lettuce or add pasta with a splash of oil to make a main course dish. Prep Time: 30 mins  Jar Size: 2 quarts Ingredients Plan on 2 lbs. total for your mix of vegetables. 12 oz. green tomatoes (or tomatillos [...]

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