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Perfect Pickler & Wegman's

"Fortifying foods with probiotics has been a strong trend across several grocery categories, says Wegmans nutritionist Trish Kazacos  Once the exclusive domain of the fermented dairy section (think yogurt and kefir), probiotics are now added to juices, flavored and carbonated coconut waters, teas, infant formulas and even chocolate. The supermarket chain has seen a 21% increase in sales for probiotic supplements since last year, Kazacos adds."
Wegmans continues to expand their canning and preserving section of general merchandise by including a year round display, which includes the Perfect Pickler®. This is the third year we have been a part of this expanding merchandise sector. This year Wegmans has gone to a year round display of preserving instead of seasonal. We look to building sales past the traditional canning season and through the holiday selling season. It is especially strong as a gift to cooks, adults, seniors, gardeners, DIY’s, health seekers.
Founded in 1916, Wegmans has consistently been ranked the top grocery store in the nation by Consumer Reports and the Food Network, and Forbes placed it among the top 10 employers in the country. The 85 store chain is privately owned by the Wegman family.

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