"...the results in making sauerkraut are simply terrific--the taste is second to none....Once people see the process and taste the results, they will be onboard with this method [of jar top fermenting]. It is also incredible and interesting to see that such quality kraut can result in less than a week's time. It's also a joy to watch the "bubbling" process that takes place in the air lock."  - Dr. T. Wellman

"We appreciate the Salsa Starter has become an all time favorite in this household and will undoubtedly be annual undertaking! Continue to enjoy your not only tasty, but creative fermenting recipes. The Perfect Pickler has given me the confidence to attempt any and all fermenting adventures!" - S. Dickson

jimmyp.jpg “My family, neighbors and I are eating pickles and kraut as fast as I can make it! My second web order came this week. Now my son and sister are eager to try their luck.“My pickles turned out awesome! Thanks for inventing the Perfect Pickler!”
- Jimmy P., Prattville, AL
kellyc.jpg “My pickles turned out awesome! Thanks for inventing the Perfect Pickler!”
- Kelly C., Vancouver, B.C., Canada
guyt.jpg “HELP, I am hooked on pickles! I make now 6 kilos of kimchi a month in my Perfect Pickler, and I eat it all!!!!”
- Guy T., Bangkok, Thailand
  “The Perfect Pickler - where life and flavor come together.”
- Art C., Sarasota, FL
testimonials-03.jpg “We received our Perfect Pickler® as an engagement present from a friend, who also shares our love for cooking. Since then we've enjoyed it so much that we've gifted Perfect Picklers® to friends and family. It's truly the perfect gift for that special homemaker or kitchen fanatic who has EVERYTHING. People are intrigued to watch the perking process on our kitchen counter.”
- David and Janette V., Altamonte Springs, FL
testimonials-09.jpg “ I can't believe the amazed compliments I get for my little delicacies. Now I can't imagine a day without pickles. Here is my photo of two Perfect Picklers®”
- Mike G., Seattle, Washington
testimonials-17.jpg “I've been making pickles with the Perfect Pickler® for about ten years now, trying all the different veggies. It still amazes me that I can combine only salt, water, and vegetables and my Perfect Pickler® transforms them into pickles. Very tasty pickles I might add!”
- Brenda H., Winter Park, FL
testimonials-06.jpg “I served an appetizer of all my pickled veggies and now my neighbors and friends all want to use my Pickler! It is the best item I bought home from the USA.”
- Annick R., Barcelona, Spain
testimonial-12.jpg “I believe that the pickles we make with the "Perfect Pickler®" are much better than anything I can buy! I appreciate that they are rich in enzymes, loaded with probiotic microorganisms and also that I am in control of the quality and freshness of the process. These pickles add a special complexity to any dish. It makes a great gift for my health conscious friends. I have recommended the "Perfect Pickler®” to many!“
- One happy Pickler, Angie R. Yalaha, FL
“We made our first batch of vegetables: cauliflower, snow peas, carrots and celery. We finished the 96- hour fermentation. Couldn't wait until they were chilled. My wife and I tested them. It is fabulous! They came out very hot and crunchy.Very nice flavour. This week we plan on either another jar of mixed vegetables or sauerkraut. Working very nicely!”
- Martin G., Johnstown, PA
“I have had the opportunity to use the Perfect Pickler® and have been thrilled with the variety of vegetables I have pickled. It is so easy to use. I especially like that there are no fancy mechanisms or electrical parts. It requires minimal set up and storage. Eating healthy never tasted so good! Bon appetite!”
- Candy S., Orlando, FL USA
“I like my Perfect Pickler® because of the many health benefits (live cultures and rich enzymes), and because it is so easy to use. We have given them as gifts and will do so again.”
- Batya W., Chautauqua, NY
"I like the Perfect Pickler® because it has such a hobby quality to it. It's not like all day canning or pickling. I can chop up a few handfuls of vegetables, make up the brine, add some spices, and in a few minutes I have my pickler brewing up a batch."
- Dave P., Winter Park, FL
“We have enjoyed the pickles we have made with our Perfect Pickler®. The process of making pickles with your machine is simple, quick, cheap and fun. My 85-year-old mother used to make pickles in our basement in my youth, but until your machine came along pickling had been a lost art in our family. Now she and we are pickling once again!”
- Gary B., M.D., Retired, Pensacola FL
"The Perfect Pickler® will be THE gift for this holiday season."
- Les J., Orlando, FL

"As a beginner I love getting good results. Many thanks for the guidance to making tasty pickles simply." - Mary M., Texas

"Your writings on salt are some of the best in the way of education and comprehension I’ve ever seen.  I will share this with others and hope the “good” salt craze catches on! .... I love your website and products.  - Tammy S., Edmonds, OK