Floating Brine Cup

Our Unique Floating Brine Cup Provides Optimum Jar-Top Fermentation

How does the Floating Brine Cup work? 

1 Captures brine overflow from the self-pressurization unique to our kit 

Captures ferment gases and releases them through the fermentation lock 

3 Sequesters the air inside the jar to provide 99 percent air-less fermentation; the best environment for brine pickling 

Why is this important? Traditional crocks need heavy weights. These are replaced by the lightweight floating brine cup and makes the Perfect Pickler® easier to handle and transport.

Other types of fermentors, including crocks, leave a large volume of air inside  the sealed vessel, which includes airborne microbes. Air-less fermenting ensures that airborne yeasts and molds are eliminated from the fermentor  before sealing. 

The Floating Brine Cup turns the Perfect Pickler into a one-of-a-kind kit—a simpler way to pickle.

It's made of series 200 food grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is an alloy of carbon and iron with small amounts of chromium and nickel. These metals are safe and non-toxic individually and within stainless steel. Some slight surface rusting may occur with food grade stainless steel, and it is safe to lightly scour with a non-metal scrubber and coat with cooking oil or coconut oil, for continuous duty. Like cast iron cookware, any incidental contact with iron and food is considered safe.